About us

Our VETERINARY CLINIC has a staff of 8 veterinary doctors, each with their own specialisation in different fields of medicine and surgery.  Where necessary we also collaborate with external veterinary specialists who all work on a national level.  During opening hours from 9am to 7pm we have our daily appointments, day hospital, general and specialist surgeries, laboratory analysis, blood tests, X-rays, ECGs, abdominal scans and endoscopy.

This department takes care of all the tests, treatment and prevention of a wide range of pathologies with the help of the latest surgical techniques on both hard and soft tissue, all of which are accompanied by avant-guarde veterinary equipment for anesthesia, at the same time paying special attention to ‘pain therapy’ in the animal itself. scans and endoscopy.


Our surgery boasts a modern laboratory for internal analysis therefore we are able to offer a very rapid report on the results.  This is essential when in comes to our patients in day-clinic and also for emergency and accidents.

The orthopedic and trauma department studies all the pathologies associated with the muscular and scheletal apparatus, such as broken and fractured bones.  We, as a team, also believe in prevention of any growth related problems ( such as hip and elbow displaysia) by doing a set of X rays at an early age so as to intervene straightaway and correct any problems.

Our imaging diagnostics is fundamental for the whole diagnostical process, these include digital X-rays, abdominal scans, ECGs and endoscopes.




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